How It Works

Helping employers take care of their employees so they can take care of the business

Traditional wellness is broken.

Employers need to empower employees. Wellable brings a consumer-oriented experience to wellness.


Your choice for your wellness

#1 Connect
Link popular consumer wellness technologies, such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and dozens more, to your account
#2 Track
Log activity and nutrition through the apps and devices of your choice and watch the data sync automatically with your account
#3 Reward
Win prizes, gift cards, trophies, recognition, and more by competing in healthy and fun challenges with your colleagues


Powerful tools with existing infrastructure

#1 Customize
Choose the types of challenges, rewards, communication, and more to optimize the success of your wellness program
#2 Analyze
Review detailed analytics during and after wellness challenges to assess, evaluate, and improve engagement
#3 Repeat
Launch multiple unique wellness challenges throughout the year to keep your program fresh and effective

“The employees enjoyed all the aspects that Wellable brought to the work environment. The dashboard, mobile apps, and reports encouraged participation across all our global offices.”

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