Wellness Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult

Employees need wellness challenges that are easy, fun, and rewarding

Wellable’s Wellness Challenges Platform drives engagement by connecting corporate wellness programs to the vast ecosystem of consumer technologies. Employees engage with the technologies on their terms and with the solutions that make the most sense for them while Wellable supports their healthy behaviors through fun challenges, motivating rewards, and tailored communications.

Apps And Wearables Gamification And Community Rewards Analytics

Apps And Wearables

Apps and Wearables

With dozens of apps and wearables integrated with the Wellness Challenges Platform, employees can select the technology of their choice and participate with or without a wearable device. Consumer technologies provide a diverse range of experiences for all types of users and health goals, creating unique, customized programs for every user. With native country apps across major markets, employees around the world can be part of your culture of health.

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Gamification and Community

Successful wellness programs have objectives that go beyond just lowering medical expenses and increasing productivity. Leading companies implementing these programs also focus on employee engagement, which is proven to have major impacts on all aspects of a business. Wellable uses a multi-faceted engagement strategy that includes individual and team challenges as well as community building to optimize engagement and empower any workforce.

“Wellable has been great for a company trying to start a wellness program! Everyone on the team at Wellable have been great – so happy to have made the move over to Wellable.”


Part of Wellable’s multi-faceted engagement strategy includes the ability to provide rewards and incentives to enhance employee engagement. Wellable allows employers to deliver gift cards, premium differentials, and more to incent employee participation and drive results. Through free consultations with the Wellable’s wellness experts, employers can create a reward strategy to support its wellness and engagement goals.



With mobile health tools capturing thousands of data points on every user, making sense of all the information is difficult. Wellable offers simple and relevant analytics to provide employers with actionable intelligence on their wellness program performance. This information allows employers to optimize their programming, deliver desired results, and achieve their wellness goals.

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